NFC juices

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NFC juices

Sokpol Koncentraty produces NFC (not from concentrate) juices in 3L i 5L Bag in Box packages. NFC juices are pressed, 100% squeezed from fresh fruits. NFC and aims to use the least amount of processing to conserve as much of the original character of the raw fruit as possible, with only the pulp, skin and seeds being removed. When processing is considered in it only pasteurized.

In our offer you can find flavors:

- strawberry
- apple
- cherry
- black currant
- red currant
- gooseberry

Also blends of NFC juices were implemented into our offer:

- apple-carrot
- apple-pear
- apple-black currant
- apple-red currant
- apple – strawberry
- apple – cherry

Bag in box is a comprehensive and solid filling system for applicable containers with a  wide range of food products i.e.: drink products.

The main target of an aseptic filling line is to reach and to maintain the sterility of container, environment and product through each step of the filling process.  It is high-end machinery using unique sterility technology. Implementation of aseptic filling technological innovations let us produce 280 thousand three liters containers on monthly basis.