Quality Policy

Quality is a top priority for Sokpol Koncentraty Sp. z o. o. Safe production of concentrated fruit juices, directly-pressed juices (NFC), fruit and vegetable purees, fruit aromas and drinks as well as care for the environment constitute the prime objective of the company.

The company strives to ensure competitiveness on the market, offering high quality products, taking into account their health security at all stages, in accordance with the guidelines of the Codex Alimentarius Commission - CAC/RCP 1-1969 (version 4-2003).

Reduce the environmental impact of the production process, food safety rules in line with the IFS, ECO, and Kosher requirements have been implemented.

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The company supplies its products not only to the Polish and European market but also to the markets outside the European Union. The trust and high expectations of consumers from all these markets oblige the company to create the highest quality products from the highest quality raw materials. All raw materials used for production are subjected to a detailed, multi-stage control and quality assessment based on the highest standards and many years of experience. Very good contacts with growers and a long-term cooperation with a carefully selected group of suppliers is an additional guarantee of quality.


Sokpol-Koncentraty constantly invests in the modernisation of the machine park, modern aseptic tankers, new technologies and new management systems. The professional team for which the company conducts relevant training is not without significance. The safety and good working conditions of our employees and the cleanliness of the natural environment are as important as the quality of the product.


The Corporate Staff implements these goals through:


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