Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Sokpol Sp. z o.o. is aware of the importance of confidentiality and clear principles for gathering and processing personal data. The present document is intended to clearly define and present those principles. This privacy policy applies to this website. When leaving this site, read the privacy principles concerning other pages visited. If you do not agree with the privacy rules presented here, do not use this website.
By opening and viewing the site you are accepting this policy.  Sokpol Sp. z o.o. cares about protecting the privacy of those who visit its website. The company may provide trusted third parties with collective statistics concerning customers, numbers of visits and other information connected with this site which does not allow for the personal identification of users.
Personal data

Sokpol Sp. z o.o. undertakes to keep all personal data acquired confidential. This means that under no circumstances is the data acquired made available.
In most cases, the data we request is your name and email address. Failure to provide the required information makes it impossible to carry out the action for which the information is required.
We may use this information to reply to users' requests or contact them by post, email or telephone to inform them of new products and promotions which we will be offering. After submitting a question a query regarding this website, we may contact a given person in order to obtain additional information required to fully deal with the query or request. However, unless required by law we will not pass this information to third parties without the consent of the user, except where absolutely necessary. As well as personal information, the site may also collect some technical information about the user, such as the IP, operating system and browser type used, number of visits to the site and addresses of web pages visited.

The cookies used on this website are only for the purpose mentioned above, i.e. storing information concerning the user's navigation on the site. In order not to receive cookies or to find out when they are generated, you may apply the appropriate settings in your web browser if it offers such a functionality.
Final Provisions

Sokpol Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to make changes to its privacy policy at any time. Every person using our service in any way is subject to the current privacy policy. Changes to the privacy policy do not affect the main principle - keeping confidential and not revealing information obtained from customers to third parties.