Musiak apple-banana-strawberry. The medal for Sokpol-Koncentraty Sp.z o.o. in the category: „Kids like it”

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The annual event for beverage producers, known as „The Polish Beverage Congress”(Polski Kongres Napojowy), held between 25th and 27th September 2019, attracted over 200 participants from all over Poland including the President of Sokpol-Koncentraty Daria Sobczyk-Matysek, who collected the award on behalf of the whole team- the Bronze Medal in the category evaluated by the most demanding but also the most sincere jury made up of kids. Due to the votes from those little experts – students from primary school nr4 in Żory, Sokopol-Koncentraty was awarded the Bronze Medal for the product known as Musiak apple-banana-strawberry chosen from among twenty-two products dedicated to child consumers, which entered the competition.

Sokpol-Koncentraty Sp.z o.o. wishes to express sincere thanks to the Children’s Jury for giving such a high rating to our product.