Sokpol-Koncentraty Sp. z o.o. was founded in Zagłoba in May 2005. The main shareholder of the Co is Sokpol company, with its headquarters in Myszków. The Co’s factory is located on Lublan „Powiśle”, in a picturesqaure town of Zagłoba, 15km away from Kazimierz Dolny, in one of the biggest raw material bases in Poland. For many years, this region has been known for the cultivation of apples, pears, cherries, currants and many more kinds of fruit, which are a base for the manufacturing of concentrated fruit juices.



Sokpol-Koncenraty is a modern, well-organised and equipped manufacturing enterprise. It has a full technical infrastructure, containing modern manufacturing halls, warehouses, boiler houses, sewage farms and many more installations, needed to run the business activity in the fruit and vegetables industry segment.

Factory has a well-developed technological supply base, conisting of the newest production lines and machines. The company is constantly investing in the implementation of new technologies and solutions, which helps to achieve the global standards regarding the quality of the products.

Moreover, the company has a qualified and experience staff, guaranteeing expected quality of production and customer service.



Sokpol-Koncentraty processes yearly about 50,000 tonnes of fruit, especially apples, producing over 8,000 tonnes of concentrates and 3,000 tonnes of squashes. Concentrates, aromas, fruit and vegetables squashes, produced in our factories are sold to our recipients mainly in Poland, Germany, Austria, England, Russia and many more countries all around the world.